Crime, Addiction, & Justice


Colorado is experiencing an unprecedented amount of crime that jeopardizes the safety of our community and our economy.

In recent years, the First Judicial District Attorney’s Office has filed 20% more felonies in Jefferson County, while the number of felonies in Gilpin has nearly doubled.

The First Judicial District Attorney’s Office tradition of pursuing public safety through strong, experienced, and fair prosecution is more important now than ever before in its history.

Through the highest degree of prosecutorial ethics and experience, each prosecutor vigorously pursues justice in every case.

Justice demands that those who commit violent crimes be held accountable, while at the same time, the harmful cycle of recidivism caused by addiction be addressed.

As Colorado faces disturbing crime trends, the District Attorney’s Office remains steadfast in securing justice for victims, justice for the community, and meaningful justice for offenders:

Justice For All.